Rencontre des communes hors TTIP-CETA à Barcelone

La ville de Barcelone organise deux jours de rencontre pour les villes et communes déclarées hors TTIP-CETA de toute l’Europe les 21 et 22 avril. Ci-dessous, la lettre d’invitation officielle. Vous pouvez la faire suivre aux communes, conseillers communaux, porteurs des motions “commune hors TTIP-CETA” etc.

Pour tout contact:

9 March 2016
(Title Name Surname)
Dear (Position/ title surname),
It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to the first Pan-European Meeting of “Local Authorities and the New Generation of Free Trade Agreements” that will take place in Barcelona on 21 and 22 April 2016. This event is organized by Barcelona City Council.
Over one thousand European municipalities have adopted resolutions declaring themselves TTIP/CETA/TISA-free zones. As elected representatives, it is our duty to defend local communities and their democratic institutions as spaces for debate and decision-making, and to also strengthen public policies defending the citizens, supporting SMEs and the local economy.
Barcelona City Council believes there is a pressing need to discuss these issues and to share the concerns and impacts that these agreements represent for municipalities and regions, especially in a moment in which the European project seems to be losing steam.
By gathering local and regional public representatives we will be able to explore ideas on how to advocate and raise awareness of the current European trade and investment agenda, as well as to propose alternatives for enhancing instead of diminishing public policy at all levels of government. For us, this meeting will also serve for making constructive proposals for the future of Europe and how cities can help to make a common European future.
On the first day, the event will start with a meeting of mayors and political representatives followed, on the second day, by a joint meeting with representatives from civil society. It will be an opportunity to create new links between civil society and local and regional authorities and to work together.
All the presentations and interventions will have simultaneous translation in English, Spanish and French. We have the pleasure of attaching a provisional programme of the meeting.
Our Department of International Relations will shortly be getting in touch with you to send you a proposed declaration, as well as to confirm details of your participation. For any queries please contact us at the following email address:
Yours sincerely,